Prehistoric Black Sea

Gideros (Cide, Turkey) (photograph Claudia Glatz, CAP)

The central objective of the Prehistoric Black Sea Project is to establish and foster an international and inter-disciplinary dialogue between scholars working in regions bordering the Black Sea in order to establish the prehistory of the region and interaction along and across its shores as a viable field of research (read more). 

The project will organise three research workshops, which will provide a forum for the discussion and publication of

  • recent research on prehistoric Black Sea societies
  • evidence for inter-regional connections along and across the Black Sea
  • communication technologies and the environmental parameters of the Black Sea
  • critical re-assessments of current interpretive models and analytical techniques for Black Sea interaction

The workshops will also serve as a platform for the development of new collaborative and inter-disciplinary research projects centred on pre-colonial cultural interaction and exchange. 

The research workshops are organised by Claudia Glatz in collaboration with Susan Sherratt and Alexander Bauer.