Forum for Quine and the History of Analytic Philosophy

Advisory Board

  • William Demopolous (University of Western Ontario)
  • Gary Ebbs (Indiana)
  • Peter Hylton (Illinois, Chicago)
  • Juliet Floyd (Boston University)
  • Douglas Quine (W.V. Quine Literary Estate)


  • Frederique Janssen-Lauret (Manchester)
  • Fraser MacBride (Manchester)
  • Gary Kemp (Glasgow)

Affiliated members

Derek Ball (St. Andrews), Bryan Pickel (Edinburgh)


Milan Soutor (Charles University, Prague), Leonardo Soutello (Campinas, Brazil)


  • To promote informed and thoughtful attitudes towards the recent history of analytic philosophy, and to correct misconceptions about our own recent history.
  • To extend the project of historical investigation of analytic philosophy to our more recent past.
  • To enable constructive dialogue between researchers working on contemporary themes in analytic philosophy and those working in the history of analytic philosophy.
  • To encourage original, new work in analytic philosophy which is well-informed about our historical context and engages in detailed investigations, interpretations, and evaluations of the great analytic philosophers, both famous and unjustly neglected, of recent history.

Prospective PhD students

We are very interested in hearing from students who would be interested in doing a PhD on themes from Quine, Russell, Wittgenstein, Frege, Moore, Whitehead, or the history of analytic philosophy more generally. We already have Nathan Kirkwood (funded by the AHRC/SGSAH) working on a PhD in the area.


Quine and His Place in History, ed. F. Janssen-Lauret and G. Kemp, Palgrave 2015. 


We host various conference and workshops at Glasgow or Manchester.  

  • The Origins and Legacy of Quine’s Naturalism (December 17-18, 2019)
    • Speakers: Peter Hylton, University of Illinois at Chicago; James Levine, Trinity College, Dublin; Frederique Janssen-Lauret, University of Manchester; Sander Verhaegh, Tilburg University; John Divers, Leeds University; Rogério P Severo, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul; Fraser MacBride, University of Manchester;  Mona Simion, University of Glasgow; Nathan Kirkwood, University of Glasgow; Ali Hossein Khani, Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences, Tehran, Iran.
  • Quine's Naturalism (6-8 March 2017)
    • Speakers: Frederique Janssen-Lauret (Manchester), Nathan Kirkwood (Glasgow), Paul Gregory (Washington and Lee), Peter Hylton (Illinois-Chicago), Thomas Uebel (Manchester), Sander Verhaegh (Tilburg), Mary Leng (York), Graham Stevens (Manchester).
  • Quine: Structure and Understanding(15-16 December 2015)
    • Speakers: G. Harman (Princeton), N. Salmon (UCSB), A. Betti (Amsterdam), J. Collins (East Anglia), J. Divers (Leeds), J. Peregrin (Prague, Hradec Králové), L. de Cock (Amsterdam), G. Frost-Arnold (Hobart), P. Gregory (Washington & Lee), R. Sinclair (Tokyo), J. Pearson (Bridgewater), F. Janssen-Lauret (Nottingham), G. Kemp (Glasgow).
      Funded by the Mind Association, the Scots Philosophical Association, and the Aristotelian Society.
  • Quine and His Place in History (16-18 December 2014)
    • Speakers: P. Hylton (Illinois-Chicago), G. Ebbs (Indiana), J. Heal (Cambridge), Y. Ben-Menahem (Jerusalem), R. Sinclair (Tokyo), D. Quine (W.V. Quine Literary Estate), A. Lodge (Old Dominion), A.Weir (Glasgow), F. MacBride (Glasgow), G. Kemp (Glasgow), F. Janssen-Lauret (Campinas).
      Funded by the Mind Association and the Scots Philosophical Association.
  • Quine, Science, and Ontology (25 June 2014)
    • Speakers: B. Pickel (Edinburgh), D. Ball (St Andrews), A. Rieger (Glasgow), A. Weir (Glasgow), G. Kemp (Glasgow), F. Janssen-Lauret (Campinas).