Guest lecture series


Several students in a lecture theatre

Academics from Glasgow and Nankai regularly deliver guest lectures at each institution. Summaries of previous lectures, and details of upcoming lectures, can be found below:

Professor Jane Duckett, who holds the Edward Caird Chair of Politics and is Director of the Scottish Centre for China Research at the University of Glasgow,gave the inaugural lecture in the series in June 2013. Her lecture, delivered in Chinese at Nankai University after she received a Guest Professorship, was on the subject of Chinese Studies Research in Europe. 

Anton Muscatelli: The Principal of the University of Glasgow gave a lecture at Nankai University in March, 2014. This was his first contribution to the Glasgow-Nankai lecture series and the second Glasgow lecture to take place at Nankai. A Guest Professorship of Nankai University was also conferred on the Principal at a ceremony immediately following his lecture, which was entitled “After the Financial Crisis: the Need for Co-operation in the World Economy”. 

Professor Han Zhaoying, Head of International Relations, Zhou Enlai School of Government, Nankai University, gave the third lecture in the series – this time at the University of Glasgow. His subject was the “New Type of Great Power Relationship and China’s Foreign Policy”.

Professor Zhu Guanglei,  Vice-President of Nankai University, gave the most recent lecture in the series at the University of Glasgow. His lecture “The Change and Developing Trend of Stratification in China”, gave the historical background to stratification in China, what it means, how it affects and is related to the poverty gap, social progress and political development, and what this means going forward