VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

‌VTT has 70 years of experience in addressing the needs of industry and the knowledge-based society. VTT, the Technical Research Centre of Finland, is a government organisation established by law and operating under the auspices of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. The Research Centre is impartial non-profit expert organisation acting independently in respect of its customers. The objectives of the Research Centre are to create high level scientific and techno-economic knowledge and know-how and to generate technology and innovations for industry and society. The Research Centre improves its clients’ technological and economic competitiveness and promotes socio-political planning and execution. This mandate requires VTT to develop and manage strategic research activities in the interest of the Finnish economy and society and thereby to help create the prerequisites for sustainable growth, employment and well-being. These research activities are planned and implemented as multi-year, coordinated research and innovation programmes. In order to allow VTT to carry out the high-risk strategic research necessary to generate the knowledge and know-how required for fulfilling its public mandate, VTT receives substantial funding directly from the Finnish government. This funding presently amounts to approximately 30% of VTT’s total income. In 2011, VTT’s turnover was 280 million e, with personnel of 2800. By virtue of its status as a government organisation, its public mandate, and its substantial research programmes, VTT is the largest public multitechnological applied research organisation in Finland and Northern Europe. VTT’s technological focus areas are applied materials; bio and chemical processes; energy; information and communication technologies; industrial systems; microtechnologies and electronics; and services and the built environment. VTT is transdisciplinary in its overall approach to research and development.